A Message From Our Founders

In the sprit of service to the community, as owners of American Helicopters and American Aviation, we formed the Virginia Airborne Search & Rescue Squad (VASARS) in 2009. As Virginia’s first licensed EMS Rescue Squad in the Commonwealth of Virginia operating an all volunteer on call Search & Rescue Helicopter 24/7, VASARS was operational in late 2009 as a state-wide Rescue Squad.

Shortly after founding VASARS, we formed a board of directors dedicated to both serving the community and, saving lives. VASARS became certified by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit Rescue Squad. We committed to several fundraising events to fund our training, missions and operations. Since our founding, VASARS has raised 100% of its budget due to the generosity of our sponsors, members and fundraising events taking zero taxpayer dollars. VASARS is 100% all volunteer.  In January 2021, our board voted to drop our Virginia EMS Agency License and operate as Virginia Airborne Search & Rescue providing the same services as a helicopter unit and drone unit.  

As we have grown and expanded our Airborne Search & Rescue capabilities, VASAR has become a full Project Lifesaver Agency and has a memorandum of understanding with the US Coast Guard for air support. VASAR also supports hundreds of other state and federal public safety agencies in Virginia and the Metropolitan Washington, DC area as well as the public. Recognized by the United States Congress, the Commonwealth of Virginia, Project Lifesaver and dozens of counties and cities for our dedication and support, we continue to serve in our mission “Flying to Save lives”.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the many dedicated and well trained VASAR Pilots, Flight Officers and Air Support members dedicating their time in flying to save lives. As the founders of VASAR, we continue to serve as the Chief and Board Chair leading this amazing group of heroes standing ready 24/7 for Airborne Search & Rescue missions. So please take a moment to review our website. If you are interested in being a personal or business sponsor, member or perhaps know of someone who would like to be, please forward our website to them. There is no greater calling in life than helping to save a life. Please consider being one of our heroes.

Col. Kevin C. Rychlik, Chief
Co-Founder, President

Ann G. Rychlik
Co-Founder, Chair-Board of Directors

VASARS Golf Tournament
VASAR 1 Over the Search Area
VASARS Mobile Command
Securing a Landing Zone
Flight Crew Hard at Work
Mobile Command
Members Mentoring New Members
Our Chief Pilot Instructing Members
Learning About LZ's
A Mission-Ready Flight Crew
VASARS Mobile Command
Supporting the Local Youth League
Virginia Airborne Search & Rescue Flight Crew
Virginia Airborne Search & Rescue Gala

Our officer corps alone boasts over 100 years combined public safety, aviation and law enforcement experience.

- Aerial Search

- Event Overwatch

- Project Lifesaver Search

- Training for EMS/LE/SAR Agencies

- Aerial Command

- Airborne SAR Training

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